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Grogan & Son Tree Service

Eliot Maine

Call us today – (207) 439-3078

“Trusted and Insured Tree Service in Southern Maine and New Hampshire”

Family Owned and Operated – With over 50 Years of Combined Experience

Tree Service Maine
Tree removal maine

Removing a tree requires thinking, coordination, experience, and safety. Whether it be by use of our bucket trucks or professional climbers, we guarantee a safe and successful removal.

Tree pruning is an important step in keeping a tree healthy and well maintained. Thinning out a cluttered tree by shaping and raising limbs, allows for more sunlight, enhancing the natural beauty of your tree.

In southern Maine, we are no strangers to bad weather causing major problems. We know how stressful it can be when a tree falls in your yard or on your home. At Grogan & Son we offer emergency tree services in order to quickly and safety remove any tree from your property.

Stump Grinding Maine

Stump grinding is the removal of a stump by grinding it and its roots into the ground below. Stumps tend to sprout if left unattended and over time could start growing a separate tree. Grinding a stump even a few inches under ground prevents this from happening, leaving your yard beautiful for years to come. As always, a full clean up is always provided.

Why Choose Grogan & Son For Your Tree Service Needs?

We Have Your Best Interests In Mind

Whatever your tree-related needs, we’ve got you covered! Our team provides:

You can trust Grogan and Son to take care of you! We have many years of experience and can assure our customers the quality care their trees and property deserve.

We are proud to be a family-owned business with a solid reputation – 40 years strong.

Free Consultation

Any tree company can cut a tree down. At Grogan and Son, though, you’ll get more than basic service. At your free consultation, you’ll quickly see that we have the best interests of you, your property, and your tree in mind. What does this mean? First, we’re not going to do any work that isn’t necessary. We’ll also schedule work to take place at the time of year that is healthy for your tree so it doesn’t get sick later on. And we make arrangements to do our work in a way that preserves the beauty of your property.

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