Stump Grinding for Southern ME and NH - Grogan & Son Tree Service
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Stump Grinding Southern Maine

Stump Grinding Maine
Why Grind a Stump?

After a tree is felled, a stump remains. If you leave a tree stump unattended, over time it will likely start growing a separate tree. Tree stumps are often regarded as unsightly, and may even be a safety hazard in your yard.

Our Process

Grogan and Son can remove any tree stump on your property. Our specialized equipment grinds the remaining trunk and tree roots into the ground below. By grinding the stump below ground level, our service ensures that the tree will not regrow. We leave your yard beautiful, ready for you to enjoy.

We Care About Your Property

We don't just grind a stump and walk away, leaving a mess for you to deal with. Our stump grinding service includes a thorough clean-up. We care about the look of your property as much as you do!

Our Work:

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